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Founded in 2011 in Marseille, France, LED DE FRANCE have an international reputation. Since 6 years, we developed  high tech led lighting products. We use reliable and powerful LEDs, but also high quality power supplies.


We can also conduct lighting studies to verify the final luminosity that you will get with our products.

Finally, we work with manufacturers for the distribution of specific products. Notably high-depth submersible lights, Murano glass chandeliers and bohemian crystal chandeliers, but also luxurious yacht lighting. We try to offer the best solutions for privates and professionnals clients.


We work with professional installers, but also with resellers in LED lighting.  We develop innovative products, according inquiries of companies like led panels for photo studios , rigid led bar, specific led strip ... Our goal is provide the best response to the needs of our customers.

Professionals users

Whether you are designers, architects, installers, craftsmen, industrialists, merchants, electricians, we offer to our professional customers specific and progressive discounts, for all our products referenced in our catalog. Do not hesitate to send us your request for quotation by email. Account opening form

Quality Guarantee : 3 Year Standard Warranty
Quality Guarantee : 3 Year Standard Warranty

Specializing in LED lighting, most of our products are guaranteed for 3 years * to 7 years: Lamps, ribbons, ceiling lights, spotlights ... Our LED luminaires have also been certified ISO9001: 2008, CE and ROHS.
* excluding specific mention


Lifetime, Luminous rendering,  respect of environnement

According an EU study, prohibition of incandescent light bulbs reduces the electricity bills of  € 5 billion per year for the continent. The reason is simple the LED bulb lifetime is 15 times longer than a conventional bulb. Indeed, LEDs generally have a lifetime of 25,000 to 50,000 hours. In other words, for 25000h LED lamp lifetime, working 4 hours a day, you can keep it about 17 years. It's great, isn't it! For profesionals it is clear that it is a good argument. However, you will also see this feature will reduce significantly maintenance costs. For example, for 50'000 hours lifetime lamp, an incandescent lamp should be replaced on average by 50 times, halogen by 20 times, fluorescent by 6 times but LED only 1 time.

In addition to these qualities the LED bulb has a better luminous performance for a consumption 5 to 8 times lower than an incandescent bulb. Watt: Incandescent 16 lm / W - Halogen 22 lm / W - Fluorescent 80 lm / W - LED 100 lm - 120 lm / W is estimated.

Finally, the government has clearly understood that LED is a significant environmental benefit. The European Commission notes that the replacement of a bulb with an LED saves 70 kg of CO2. Moreover, it contains neither lead nor mercury. It can therefore be recycled as any electronic accessory, unlike incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs, which contain hazardous waste requiring special treatment before disposal.

Kelvin Color

The advantage of LED is that it exists with different color temperatures. From 2,400 K (amber) to 3,000 K for warm white, to 4,000 K for natural white and 6,000 K for cold white. ACcording color, light is perceived as more pleasant and can be adjusted according to the desired effect in the different rooms or establishments. Finally, it exists in various colors like the Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, called RGB, in classic or dimmable version.

LED light implantation

The size of the LED,is a benefit, thanks to this feature lights can be installed anywhere, with different forms linear, flexible, small or large, for the ceiling or floor, in dry, wet or underwater environments. LED is available in different categories of projectors. LED recessed spotlights, LED ribbons, LED bulbs, LED ceiling lights, waterproof spotlights, low voltage 12 or 24v or high voltage 110-240v. The projectors will illuminate your interiors, bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, offices, shops, restaurants, nightclubs, museums, hangars but also your outdoors, garden, driveway, swimming pool, roads, public roads, parking or building ...

Commercial lighting

Integrated solutions of LED strips application with different brightness and waterproof level

Residential lighting

Solutions for fonctionnal and polyvalent lighting with different brightness color and design

Industrial lighting

Solutions for a maximum brightness with anti dust and corrosion system

Architectural lighting

Solutions for exterior lighting with different protection rating

Office lighting

Linear lighting for wall and pendant installation with high brightness and fashion look

Decorative lighting

Solutions for decorative interiors lighting

Yacht lighting

Different solutions for yacht lighting with luxuries finishes, polished stainless stell, gold, lacquered white painted, lighting with waterproof protection

Artistic lighting

Solutions for decoration and showcase with different angle and position for elegant lighting